Nofuentes: vice president of Partenalia, new head of European Funds for Eastern Europe.

Former Advisor of this matter for the previous government of Ximo Puig

The Valencian politician Bartolomé Nofuentes will be the new Head of European Funds for Eastern Europe, specifically Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia in the process of pre-enting, Romania and Bulgaria currently belonging to the European Union, it is necessary that they receive advice and training to apply for European funds through a solid structure. Nofuentes has been chosen along with eight more people from different countries to lead the actions to help the Balkans.

The objective is to launch concrete training and exchange actions in municipalities and regions of Eastern Europe so that, in this phase of pre-enting the European Union, they can apply for European Funds in a more agile and faster way and know which ones are the most suitable for their area. In addition, the advice will focus on four main axes: employment, entrepreneurship, mobility and circular economy, aimed at the growth and sustainability of the region.

The European Commission has taken into account the baggage of Nofuentes for his election and his extensive experience in European Funds, since he has been the special advisor in this matter for the previous Valencian government and the Deputy promoter of the department specialized in these funds of the Provincial Council of Valencia. He is also the vice president of Partenalia, one of the most important local power groups composed of 25 intermediate governments, from six countries of the European Union: Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Sweden. With 30 years of experience, Partenalia is a reference framework for the participation of local communities at the European level and for the development and implementation of innovative policies at the local level.

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